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Early Genital Warts

How To Avoid And Temporarily Cure Early Genital Warts.

Human papillomaviruses are the main causes of genital warts. About 30 of them can be lethal while most are harmless. The deadly types of HPV can cause transmitted diseases. In the United States, about 65 million are facing the consequences of having these fatal ailments. 15 million of them are afflicted with lifelong infections and are always hoping that science would someday provide a cure. Genital warts are forms of STD and are highly contagious. They can be passed through unsafe sexual intercourse with an infected partner. They are clustered in appearance, and their sizes can vary. Genital warts are flesh in color and their shape is usually of a small cauliflower. These are commonly found in the reproductive organs of the afflicted person. For ladies, vaginal area, vulva, uterus, cervix and the anal area are where the disease can occur. In guys, it can also be found in the anal area, urethra and penis. Genital warts symptoms include manifestation of lesions which are red, pink or gray in color. They exhibit a shape somewhat of a cauliflower and can be raised or flat.

Eventually, the lumps can increase in size within a short span of time. Then, the areas affected have increased dampness. In women, their vagina excretes more fluid which causes them to endure pain and bleeding after engaging in a sexual intercourse. In men, genital warts symptoms are observed by the presence of lumps on the shaft of their penis. Those who practice anal sex have genital warts symptoms on their rectal area and they often feel a burning sensation. The affected areas may also bring itchiness and discomfort. They say that prevention is better than cure. Thus you should observe forms of early genital warts. In women, these early genital warts can be detected using pap smear. This is also known as Papanicolaou screening. In the vaginal canal of ladies, the speculum is entered to the opening to permit the cell collection from the outer lining of the cervix. Then, the garnered cells are examined using microscopes to identify infected cells. These cells can contain virus which could lead to production of early genital warts.

However, for men, it could be difficult to detect cells that can cause early genital warts unless they start to appear as lumps on the reproductive organs. Those who have these symptoms should avoid having sexual contact further to prevent the disease from spreading. Moreover, they should consult or seek medical expert advice on how should they deal with it. Avoid conducting self-medications since some treatments could impose a greater risk at your health. If the warts are still small in size, you could ask the doctor on how to handle them. If early genital warts are detected or observed, then some short-term treatments can be done such as cryotherapy and electrocauterization. In the former, the lumps undergo freezing to easily remove them. Meanwhile, the latter involves burning infected tissues through electricity. Lasers or surgeries can also be done to remove the bumps. However, the afflicted person should understand that the treatments being given are only serving as temporary remedies.

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