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Female Genital Warts

Female Genital Warts Symptoms- Getting An Immediate Treatment Is Important To Avoid Spreading The Virus.

Genital warts can affect the person's relationship and sexual life in particular. These warts are frustrating and embarrassing the reason why some will seek treatment on their own with the help of over the counter medicines and creams. The genital warts are caused by HPV and it is transmitted through oral sex or sexual contact. The problem though is that the physical symptoms will show within three months after the sexual contact so an infected person may not be aware that he or she is already a potential virus carrier. To be more specific, let us know the female genital warts symptoms. The appearance of female genital warts symptoms are the cauliflower like skin growth around the vaginal area or around the person's anus. In fact, the cervix, vulva, and vagina can all be affected at the same time.

Aside from that, the symptoms also come along with burning sensation and itching. This cause painful feeling during sexual intercourse however it will not cause fertility issue for female. The problem is that it is risk to have warts during pregnancy because the baby may also be affected. That is the reason why there are different medical procedures for the pregnant women because they may be at risk of having genital warts. Medication is recommended for those who have female genital warts symptoms. In order to get immediate help from health experts, one needs to seek for professional help. There are instructions then that will be given to the patients for the application of creams and medicines. This will avoid skin irritation too. If the warts though are not cured through creams because it is not that mild anymore, then the doctor may suggest for surgical procedures.

It may be through laser surgery so that warts will be removed or through cryotherapy and electrocautery. For women who wanted the safer procedure, there is natural treatment for the female genital warts symptoms. This option is inexpensive and proven effective. This is most common for pregnant women. The person has to also reduce the risk of developing it again with the help of wearing dry and clean clothing. If there are warts, do not shave the areas because this helps to avoid the virus. Although this may be very itchy, it is recommended not to pick or scratch the warts so that it will not spread on larger area. With proper treatment, in week's time, it is possible to get rid of the warts.

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