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Is there a CURE for genital warts? The answer may be surprising.

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Genital Wart Symptoms

Determining The Common Genital Wart Symptoms- The Procedures To Eliminate An Extremely Irritating Genital Warts.

One of the dreaded viruses is the Human Papilloma Virus or most commonly called as the HPV. There are different forms of this virus and around thirty to forty folks are being affected by it. The HPV forms may feature for genital wart symptoms that are acquired through sex. You may be surprised but majority of the population who are affected of this condition are the females though males can be affected with it too. The genital warts may vary from different person and the case is not always the same as that of the other. Take note before we proceed delving to the common symptoms, that not all viruses of genital warts are visible to the naked eye. Some of the most common genital wart symptoms include the gray or pink color of lumps or swellings. It may appear around the genital area of the affected person and it really grows quickly in size.

One may experience severe itching or discomfort and the burning sensation could be felt around the genital area. During the intercourse, bleeding and pain may be felt too. The symptoms on the other hand that is not visible to the naked eye are called the subclinical HPV. It means that the person may not have the symptoms of warts yet the virus is already inside their body. When the genital wart symptoms are not visible physically, then, it may cause for cervical changes for women. Then, the first sign can be done through the abnormal pap smear or the examination of the cells from the cervix of the woman. Through it, the doctor will determine the exposure of the patient to the HPV genital warts and the degree of abnormality also differs.

If you notice for the first sign of genital wart symptoms, it is highly important to talk with a health specialist to avoid future conflicts. Some people choose to have a do it yourself healing process by purchasing over the counter medicines or creams for genital warts. Aside from that, it is also advised for the person to avoid sexual contact or use of the condom until the warts will be removed. Just one thing is true- there is an appropriate treatment for the symptoms of genital warts. And with that comes the possibility that discomfort will also be cured from range of medication and series of procedures that are performed by doctors. Usually, they make use of chemicals to be able to eliminate the warts that are extremely irritating.

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