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Genital Wart Treatment

The Different Ways Of Genital Wart Treatment Or Genital Wart Removal You Can Choose From.

Genital warts are commonly one of the most usual signs that may appear to an individual that was contaminated by the HPV or the human papilloma virus. The spread of this virus is highly rampant and it equates it a more than 50% of the total population gets this virus due to sexual contact, most particularly for those who has multiple sexual partners. Since HPV is the type of virus that cannot be cure, even with the use of antibiotics, there can be ways on how to remove them. Genital wart treatment removal is possible, yet it is important for you to know and understand that it will not make the virus disappear the possibility of having another genital wart outbreak is still open. This is the reason why once you have suspected warts formation on your skin, it is very important to have it checked and have the possible genital wart treatment promptly. The genital wart treatment would depend on the size of the warts that you may have. Consult your physician on what could be the best way on how to remove them.

They will be giving you multiple choices from application of ointments or creams up to surgical removal. For a non-serious condition of the genital warts, topical creams or ointments may be used. Usually, the product would be a plant extract that could dissolve the genital warts with continuous use and application for three weeks. However, you should take note that there will sometimes be a slight burning sensation that can be felt on the skin and sometimes reddening may occur, most especially for your first time in application. Consult your doctor if there is persistence in the burning sensation or if you are not able to tolerate the sensation. He or she might recommend you another topical ointment instead. For a more serious condition of the genital warts, surgical removal might be advised. In the surgical removal of the genital warts, you will be given three possible options on which surgery you would like to undergo: cryosurgery, electrocarutery or the trichloracetic.

For severely large genital warts, your doctor can also opt you for a laser surgery instead. With cryosurgery, your doctor will freeze the warts until it comes off, however you will be having several sessions for the success of this type of surgery. Unlike for the electrocuatery of the laser surgery, it will only take you a onetime session for the removal of the genital warts. After the surgery was performed, the healing process of the treated are may vary in the size and location of the area, usually it would take 2 to 4 weeks until completely healed. However, you will be advised by your doctor to consult him or her from time to time as to note for the progress of the healing process of the area where surgery was performed. Most of the times, individuals with genital warts would prefer to perform the removal of it through surgery, because it would require less time and effort for them.

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