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Genital Wart

Use Of Cryotheraphy And Genital Wart Freezing To Treat The Warts- Because Your Doctor Knows The Skin Is Sensitive.

The small bumps that are found on your private areas may be signs of genital wart. This is a sexually transmitted infection which most adults are being affected to. This does not exempt the gender because both females and males could be affected by it. The process of healing these certain infection has to be the soonest time possible in order to avoid worsening the condition. This genital wart is transmitted through sex, regular intercourse, anal sex, or through oral sex. This will occur when the person had unprotected sex with someone. The problem is that it may take up to three months before the physical symptoms will show up. Meaning to say, the person may not be aware that he or she already have the disease. Once found out, it is visible through genital areas such as in the vagina for females and the penis or scrotum for males.

If the person just had oral sex, the genital warts may be visible around the mouth. It is true that consulting this to your doctor could be embarrassing. However, the genital wart symptoms will not just go away if you continue with that attitude. You need proper medical attention so that you can get rid of the warts the soonest time possible. Just like cold, this wart could be contagious and it is also important to tell your sexual partner about it. Seeing the gynaecologist is important for females because it helps for the specialist to determine if the warts are inside your body. The women have higher risk of spreading the wart faster and it has the tendency to even grow in the cervix area.

This could be painful but have hope as there are treatments now available. Thanks to the innovation of technology for putting up different procedures of healing. There are physical processes of cutting off the genital wart. Other procedure is done through laser, heat process or the most common ones which people choose is purchasing chemicals and applying it in the warts so that it will get rid in given time. These chemicals however requires a number of weeks if not days and it will all depend to how severe is your condition. The way of freezing the genital wart has proven useful over the years. But, this process may be expensive such as that of cryotheraphy and the use of anti viral drug directly injected into the warts.

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