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Genital Warts On Men

Facts About Genital Warts On Men.

Are you even familiar about genital warts on men? Often times we hear that women are the ones suffering some genital warts infection. But less we know that men are also capable of acquiring some genital warts infection. And it is often manifested very similar to that of a woman. If you want to know about it, it is important that you check out some of the facts about these genital warts on men. Since it is not very common for men to suffer from genital warts, some would not even think that they are already suffering from. These genital warts are often characterized similar on women. It can be found mostly in the anus or thighs, the scrotum and around the penis. Similarly, it will appear as pink or red lesions on the infected area.

It can also be itchy or painful at times. For women, genital warts can be harmful and they definitely need to get the right medication at the earliest time to avoid serious infection to occur. But for men, they often can clear out the genital virus on their own without any health problems at all. Although there are some who would say the genital warts on men can cause or lead to cancer, no further study or test that have proven that. Although there would always be a tendency that simple genital warts will become more severe if not treated early on, there's still no evidence though that it can cause cancer in men. When genital warts on men appear first, there are some simple home medications that can be done. Some doctors will only recommend the application of creams.

For a faster relief and cure, they can remove genital warts by a surgical treatment or make the process of freezing off the wart virus to stop them from spreading. Even the vaccine for genital warts approved for women is not yet approved to be used for men. Thus, men suffering from genital warts would only be using simple treatments for now. You are very aware of how you can possibly acquire genital warts. It is a sexually transmitted infection that you need to be aware of. Thus, it is very important that you are responsible enough for your sex life. The main preventive measure is to only have one sexual partner, either your spouse or a loved one. Live a healthy and a good life, and stay away from genital warts infection.

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