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Is there a CURE for genital warts? The answer may be surprising.

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Genital Warts Prevention

Genital Warts Prevention Measures For Males And Females- Surgical Procedures And Home Treatments To Follow.

You may have already known this one obvious fact that the genital warts are one of the most common STD or sexually transmitted diseases. This virus that can potentially multiply to the body of the person is called the HPV or Human Papilloma Virus which may also cause for other disease which other people can get on their feet and their hands. These warts vary in size to different people. There are some who have these warts as obtrusive and large while others have it small and sometimes unseen. For months, the warts may just remain dormant and it could not even break. This is the reason why the person who is infected could just pass it unknowingly to the other person without knowing it. In this article we will focus with the genital warts prevention ways. The genital warts prevention ways are taught to people since then so that the problem could not result to cervical cancer most especially for the female population. Let us know first the signs of the genital warts. The experts in the Australian Government Department of Health already warn people that HPV is a highly contagious type of virus. At first, it could be painless and the person will just lead his or her life not knowing that they already have this virus in their body. Then in few months, the virus will become visible. Usually, the warts will start very tiny. There are also some that has it in cluster form and others look like a cauliflower. Where it is commonly seen? These are the kinds of warts that form not only in the genital area but in the anus as well. For women, it could be found in the outer genital folds or in the vulva. For the men, the genital warts could appear in their penis. At first in cause no pain. But in time, the doctor will verify once the patient experience itching or bleeding with visible cluster of warts.

Once the infection will be suspected, both of the parties need to receive the treatment and it could be easily treatable most especially if it is just on its early stage. There are just creams and swabbing paints that may be advised for the patient to use. These creams are then applied exactly in the affected area. But there is also other known genital warts prevention or treatment procedure which is the cyotheraphy. As such, this one is known as freezing the warts with the use of liquid nitrogen. Some people who have warts have already relied in this process. However, do not just start treating on your own. You may further the damage and that will lead for more serious problems. Some preventative measures to follow: The genital warts prevention measures include the following facts: HPV can be passed to a partner by having direct contact during anal or vaginal intercourse. This is why condoms are advised to cover the infected area. This may offer a degree of protection but not whole. To some areas that are not shielded with condom, the warts may still spread which still pose for a threat. If you believe that you have the virus upon showing the signs, you need to get prompt treatment. Do not just wait to pass it with your partner. You can have yourself to be tested as early as possible. In that manner, you will also have immediate treatment which is really essential. It will also stop for the virus to continuously spread. For the young girls, the genital warts prevention could be in the form of vaccines and immunization. Before they reach the sexual maturity, they can protect themselves by being protected from the HPV 6 and 11 through vaccines. These are the most common types of genital warts that can affect people. For women who are sexually active, they are recommended for a regular Pap smears from age 18 years old and up.

Included also in the preventative measures is by getting proper education regarding safe sex, sexual health and relationships at the same time. So, there are a lot of these sources which you can find on the internet. The process could be difficult but worth it Because this is basically a disease that is transmitted by sexual contact to the affected partner, the process of healing could be long if not difficult. It is right that prevention is the best thing. If abstinence is not really an option for you and your partner, then there are latex condoms that will offer protection for the female and male. In this generation, there are now common treatments that are available. This includes application of medicated liquid with the help of your professional doctor. Aside from that, there are also treatments in the form of gels or creams that could be applied even if you are just at home. The sad thing though is that creams may cause irritation as not all that works for the other patient will deliver the same result to the other. Effective home treatments It is believed that aside from the laser treatment that will be performed with the guidance of professional doctor, there are also treatments that will be done continuously at home. So, what is it? Apparently, it is the process of applying the cream that is advice by the doctor. This is given to you after the final word about the type of virus that you have is mentioned by your doctor. If that does not yet work, there are expensive treatments like the ones mentioned above such as the Crycautery or freezing the warts directly. The goal is by getting rid of the warts so that the person will lead a normal life as much as possible.

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