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Genital Warts Signs

Getting In Depth On The Signs And Symptoms Of Genital Warts.

Who would have known that even the most concealed parts of our bodies, such as the genitals can also become gravely infected? We've known of the usual colds and cough, the viral infections that we ordinarily suffer from, the usual skin allergies and the like but never in our wildest imagination would we picture our genitals in an utmost grotesque state. This article will give you an in depth explanation on genital warts, how it happens, who gets it, genital warts signs. It is necessary that you understand and be aware of all these things because you'll never know when it could happen to you or to your loved one. Increasing your awareness of its causes and its pathophysiology can help you steer clear from this unfortunate condition. So before laying down the more detailed facts of genital warts, let us first define what it is. Genital wart is a sexually transmitted disease and is known to be a highly contagious one. Studies have shown that the disease comes from the human papillomavirus or HPV. The mode of transmission is through direct skin contact during intercourse, may it be oral, anal or genital with a partner who is infected with the virus. If you want a clearer picture of what it looks like, you can search it up online and you'll see a bunch of images of different kinds of genitals with rough lumps encircling around and within it. Physicians believe that the manifestation of warts in the genital area is the most easily determinable symptom of an HPV genital infection. That is why it is always advised that if you are sexually active and if you have multiple partners, that you use protection such as condoms. These serve as protective barriers from getting an HPV infection. Although not all cases guarantee that you will be completely safeguarded from becoming infected. There are instances when condoms break or slip and the virus could still get into your system, rendering you as a victim of genital warts.

The specific areas where genital warts signs and symptoms manifest would include the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis among the males, which gives us all the idea that this infection not only targets women but to the men as well. It also can grow in the entire shaft of a circumcised penis. It can also be found in the opening of the woman's vagina. The most disturbing thing about having genital warts is that it can grow in multiple areas of your body. It can grow in the anogenital epithelium or it can even go way inside the anogenital tract. The warts can grow in a woman's cervix, urethra and vagina. Other areas where genital wars invade include the scrotum, the perineum and the perianal skin. For those who practice anal sex, intra-anal warts are also possible. However, it is important to know that even when you do not practice anal sex, warts can still grown in the anal region. Now that you pretty much have an idea of what genital warts is all about, let's now go deep into genital warts signs and symptoms. There can be multiple eruptions while in some cases there may only be single papular eruptions. The eruptions may come in different forms. Some appear pearly, while others take the shape of a cauliflower. Still others look a lot like a filiform or fungating or it could appear in plaques. The genital warts signs and symptoms don't just end there so this means that you'll have a lot to look out for. These lesions can appear smooth and this is particular in men when it erupts along the shaft of the penis and it can also look lobulated. Some lesions may appear harmless while others carry a more devastating appearance. Genital warts signs and symptoms vary so be very keen in identifying and inspecting whatever warts you have in your bodies. Do not instantly jump into conclusions, examine it first and compare it with the signs and symptoms you've read here.

Or to be more accurate, submit yourself for a physical examination conducted by an authorized member of the health care team. Now that we've gone through some genital warts symptoms, let us now understand what a genital wart syndrome is all about. A genital wart syndrome encompasses all the signs and symptoms of genital warts mentioned earlier. It's a collective term used to highlight the symptoms of a particular condition. So basically, all those genital warts symptoms mentioned earlier are included in the genital wart syndrome. Basically there's increased moisture on affected areas, both in males and in females. There will also be an abnormal increase in vaginal fluid. Pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse can also be felt. Severe itching and discomfort are also reported. The warts don't just manifest on the outside, it can grow inside the vagina even reaching the cervix. These clusters or cauliflower-like lesions can grow in and expand massively in a fast pace. So for those who are sexually active or who are having multiple sexual partners, make sure that your partners have been checked and tested and are negative for HPV. Also, if you are uncertain that your partner is positive for HPV, use protection at all times. Also, watch out for the signs and symptoms of genital warts and familiarize yourself with it. If these signs and symptoms manifest in you or your partner, make sure that you have yourselves checked immediately. Don't wait for it to grow and expand so that immediate treatment will be given to you. For more information on genital warts symptoms, you can research and read about it online. There are websites that will teach you how this condition comes about. There are also pictures that you will find online to give you a better idea of what it looks like exactly. Again, this does not just apply on women. Even the men can get infected with the human papilloma virus.

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