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Genital Warts Symptoms In Women

Where The Genital Warts Symptoms In Women Occur- Ways That This Disease Can Be Transmitted.

These days, the genital warts symptoms in women is almost a problem that become the very common. It is because a lot of them are not aware about this problem or perhaps they do not know if they have already this problem. As a matter of fact, there are a number of popular symptoms of genital warts to those people who are suffering from these annoying warts. One of the most common situations that may perhaps spread the warts is through sexual contacts with the infected partner. As a result, this disease is considered is the highly infectious one. This sexually transmitted disease is known to infect about two-third of the people through sexual contacts with their infected partners. However, the symptoms of this problem are not obvious at all times.

In the course of the serious research and the observation conducted by the doctors, they have discovered that the moist as well as the warm environmental situations in the genital area support the growth of the genital warts symptoms in women. These symptoms of the genital warts seem to be worse to those sufferers who have a difficult immune system. In addition to that, it can also be worse to those who are pregnant. Those women who have been experienced by such genital warts symptoms in women in the past are typically at a very dangerous situation of catching a number of types of cancer in the later stages of their life. There are actually around ninety percent of cervical malignancies that are linked with the human papilloma virus. That HPV plays an important role in cancers of penis, anus, and vagina as well as to the vulva.

Through the birth canal, there are number chances to transmit the cervical warts to the new born babies. Contrasting to the other sexually transmitted diseases, the HPV infection does not show up the symptoms of the genital warts. As what the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Dieses reported, almost half of the HPV infected women has no likely noticeable symptoms of the genital warts. In other cases, those tiny hard spots that can be seen by the eye can possibly be developed within three weeks up to three months once it gets exposed to the risky virus. The genital warts symptoms in women can take place from the inside of the vagina, either on the periphery or around the anus.

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