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Genital Warts Transmission

The Causes Of Genital Warts Transmission And Genital Warts Symptoms.

Genital warts or condyloma acuminate are growths the represents Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). This condition commonly affects persons who ages 17 to 33 years old. But there have also been reports that children can likely experience genital warts transmission or project genital warts symptoms. Those persons who've never had sexual intercourse are not exempted to the condition since they can still be affected through direct contact. No matter how the condition was transmitted, the main reason for genital wart occurrence is human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is comparatively a typical virus. But it is necessary to remember that it occurs in several diverse strains-about 100 strains as a matter of fact. Only an approximate 30 of the strains are subject to genital infections. HPV genital strains can be divided further as high and low risk classes with high risk strains to be responsible for bringing serious diseases like genital, throat or colon cancers. It is however the low risk strain types that causes the genital warts transmission. Low risk HPVs are immensely difficult to assess in most cases since it is hard for a person to be the virus bearer without really displaying any genital warts symptoms. But then a person does not need to display the symptoms to carry the virus to others. For this reason, the transmission of the warts is very high than it seems and individuals who are sexually active must assure to undergo regular screenings to make sure that they are not the carriers of the disease. The most common way for condyloma acuminate to be transmitted is through sexual intercourse with a person who has been infected with it. Contact infection can be anal, oral or vaginal and it is considered by health experts that the possibility of having the disease through sex is about 66% statistically speaking. A person' chance of finally catching genital warts through sex during their lifetime usually increases with the debut of particular risk elements, like multiple partner intercourse, early age sexual experience, and sexual intercourse with a partner not being aware of its sexual history.

Although the warts are basically regarded as STD, it is likewise possible to have them in other instances that could make a person expose with the virus. For instance, health experts believe that it can be possible through contact with objects that have been infected like towels or personal items. There is also a possibility for these warts to be contracted by a newborn child at birth especially if the mother is infected by the disease. The baby is expected to have it as the virus passes through the birth canal and might be developed areas like the throat and mouth. This condition is referred to as laryngeal papillomastosis. Other factors are likewise believed to increase the possibility of a person to contract the disease if they get into the virus' reach. These include being immune compromised as a result of the illness or can be due to a chronic autoimmune state. Traumas like surgery or life-threatening diseases such as cervical cancer can likewise boost the risk of genital warts transmission. More about Genital Wart Symptoms In most cases, symptoms of genital warts differ from a patient to another. There are certain points where it can also be mistaken for some other medical disease. At times, genital HPV doesn't manifest as warts hence, contributing to misleading a person for some other condition. One could experience some genital warts symptoms yet still not see any physical representation of them. In some instances, the warts can be small that they are invisible to the naked eye. This is always the primary reason why other people think they can suffer from diverse condition. This reason is concrete enough for you to seek an expert's help. Doctors will take into account the symptoms you have displayed and will run examination to determine if you indeed have genital warts or genital warts transmission have already taken place.

Among the methods employed to perform this test is to get a little acetic acid on the suspected area. Unfortunately, the symptoms can always be missed out especially if it is located in the vaginal wall. In this case, the symptoms of genital warts can be diagnosed as another condition such as a yeast infection. This is also a perfect reason to visit a doctor if you think you are experiencing the symptoms. Having a precise diagnosis by a doctor will guarantee that you receive the right treatment for your condition. Self-diagnosis often leads to wrong direction which can possibly lead to more serious conditions. Personally treating yourself for wrong diagnosis is truly dangerous since medications can offer you different results and address other type of condition. More importantly, one of the things that you shouldn't forget is to ignore the symptoms of genital warts. Aside from genital warts transmission, it can also lead to cervical cancer and HIV-AIDS. In these severe cases, the genital warts may be indications of a serious condition. This is precisely the reason why you should consult the doctor to get the right diagnosis and make sure that you get the right treatment. However, even if you happen to resort for earlier diagnosis and medical help, getting rid of the symptoms are not possible since the HPV virus has no medical cure up to date. Through time, the immune system is capable of fighting the infection or disease by itself regardless of any medication or prescription treatments. Though you can find a lot of vaccines for HPV, which can just be administrated to a particular women group, onset of HPV and genital warts persists. With proper information and moderation with sex, one can prevent these diseases.

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