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Here we discuss the more common genital wart symptoms. How Do You GET Genital

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Genital Warts Treatment At Home

Knowing About Genital Warts Treatment At Home Can Be A Ready Solution To An Embarrassing And Painful Problem.

Although Genital warts have been with us since the 1970's, with all the medications and vaccines research currently being developed, some people can try home remedies. One remedy is Vitamin E oil and garlic paste. First spread oil on the infected area, then apply the garlic paste and cover it with an adhesive tape. Be sure to do this twice daily for one week, changing the dressing each time after showering. Another remedy is the applications of the juice of onions with salt. Onions have the same medicinal properties of garlic, and salt is also a mild antiseptic to treat the infection. A natural disinfectant, salt can draw out moisture over time.

Start by making juice out of onions and covering them with salt overnight, this mixture will help prevent the spread of warts to other areas. Next use a cotton ball soaked in apple cinder vinegar to the infected area. Place a strip of adhesive tape to hold in place until the next application. There might be a little discomfort and stinging when the vinegar is applied. But it will shed the dead cells off the warts until they disappear. It will take time for both of these remedies to be affective, also very important is to follow proper hygiene practices during treatment.

Be sure to clean the area with antimicrobial soap and warm water, twice daily between treatments. In the event both treatments are ineffective, contact your local physician immediately. Also the use of condoms will help in the prevention of secondary infections. Look at medical websites for advice for treatments and the advice from a licensed physician. Taking care of oneself from all of the sexually transmitted diseases including Genital warts, education and prevention are the key components in keeping healthy and preventing other long term illnesses.

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