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HPV can be tranferred VERY easily so it's important to know how. Test For Genital Warts
There are several methods doctors use to test for HPV infections. Removing Genital Warts
Genital warts can be removed many different way. Here are some methods. Curing Genital Warts
Is there a CURE for genital warts? The answer may be surprising.

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Genital Warts Treatment For Men

Genital Warts Treatment For Men: What Are Some Of The Treatment Options For Men With Genital Warts.

Genital warts is a condition that causes flesh-colored bumps to grow in the genital area. This condition can affect men of any age, but it most often occurs in those who are between the ages of 17-33. Most men who catch genital warts get it from having sexual intercourse with a partner that has been affected with it. This disease can also be spread by coming in direct contact with someone who has this condition. Genital warts can cause serious complications if they are left untreated, so a man should consult with a doctor immediately if he suspects that he has them. The treatment that the doctor prescribes depends greatly on the severity of the warts.

It is important to note there is no treatment method that is 100%, so there is a chance that the warts may come back. One of the most popular treatments is the a technique called cryrotherapy. The reason that so many physicians make this a first choice treatment is because the success rate is very high and there are very few side effects. There is also the option of treating the warts with a laser. This is usually reserved for people that have a problem with recurring warts. This type of treatment is expensive and may require a longer healing time than cryotherapy.

Electrodissection is a procedure that uses an electrical current to help get rid of genital warts. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and may also require a longer recovery time. There are also many medications that have been approved to treat genital warts. Podofilox and Imiquid are among the most commonly prescribed medications. It is important to note that genital warts in men are much more easy to prevent than treat. Getting the HPV shot and using condoms during sex are the most effective ways for preventing this condition.

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