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How Do You GET Genital Warts?

Genital warts can become quite a problematic condition for many individuals whether they are currently in a relationship or not. It not only can affect appearance but also, if left untreated, can lead to more serious conditions. So, how do you get genital warts and how can you avoid getting genital warts?
Genital warts are ultimately caused by a virus called HPV. The HPV virus comes in many different types.
Ultimately, the HPV6 virus which causes genital warts is transferred by sexual contact between two individuals.
Finding out whether an individual is a carrier of the HPV virus requires a test by a physician since genital warts may take months or even years before even showing up visually in the areas most affected by genital warts symptoms.
When genital warts do show, they usually come in single form or in groups and in the form of cauliflower.
For females, genital warts symptoms can worsen if they do not get examined by their doctor as the genital warts may not be seen if they are left untreated and the affected region is inside the female’s vagina as genital warts thrive best in warmer, moist surroundings. So obviously this would be an ideal place to have examined if you feel as though you may be showing signs of genital warts symptoms.
Genital warts are quickly spread from person to person through sexual contact and can cause many serious problems rapidly if neglected.
In order to help prevent genital warts, it is best to refrain from sexual activity with those you are not sure about or do not know too well.
In addition to genital warts symptoms, other STD’s can be acquired as well if sexual contact is not thought out prior to the moment.
It is always important to use a condom when having sex in order to help prevent transmission of STD’s and more.
In regards to genital warts and the transmission thereof, it is important to remember that just because nothing is seen on the individual’s body does not meant that they are not a carrier of the HPV6 virus or genital warts.
Again, always protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and genital warts through proper sex education and preventative measures.
For more information and for actual medical advice, we recommend the you speak with your medical professional or physician for more details on possible genital warts symptoms and more.

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