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HPV Genital Warts

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of HPV Genital Warts.

HPV Genital warts are those bumps or growths that appear near the genital areas. For women they can appear on the vulva, cervix, vagina or anus. While for the male, appearance may be found on the penis, scrotum or anus. Nonetheless, some the appearance of the warts may vary in number, shape, size and color. For some, they may appear to be white or flesh in color. There can be genital warts that would appear alone, while in some cases they would appear multiple by number. In some cases, it cannot be visible by the naked eye, and would require an expert to know that there are presences of genital warts in oneีs body. As the name suggests, HPV Genital warts are caused by a virus called HPV that can come in several types. Unknowingly, the virus can be passed on from different individual through the form of sexual contact for both opposite and same sex. In some cases that are found to be rare though, the virus can be passed on to the baby from the mother as the baby passes through the birth canal during the child giving process.

Since the condition can sometimes be asymptomatic or would not show any signs or symptoms in an individual, the spread transmission of the condition increases its number as the years pass by. More and more individuals are now affected by the HPV, particularly individuals in their teenage and young adult years. Simply because in these years, sexual activity is experienced more, the possibility of contracting this disease sets off to be higher. Most especially for those who have unsafe sex as well as multiple sex partners, there is a higher rate for them to acquire the disease and even spread the disease without them even knowing it, not unless in the later stage when they would notice signs and symptoms of the medical condition. Expect for the HPV Genital warts, there is nothing else as what to may indicate that you have contracted the HPV.

Most often, individuals who have genital warts do not even notice the presence of the genital warts as it would not even be painful or itchy. Unless seen and examined by the physician, this would only be the time when they can be diagnosed with the medical condition. For physicians to be able to see it, some may even need to use a magnifying glass or a special solution in order to make them appear bigger. If still in doubt, a PAP smear can be done in order to finalize the diagnosis for the said condition. The HPV is a very sensitive case because even with or without the presence of the genital warts, the virus can still be passed on from person to person. Therefore, the need for safe sex is very essential when having sexual intercourse. One way to prevent the spread of the disease or to prevent yourself from contracting the disease is simply by the practice of using condoms during sexual intercourse.

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