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Imiquimod Genital Warts Treatment

Imiquimod Genital Warts Treatment Can Be Applied At Home.

Imiquimod Genital Warts Treatment is the generic name for a topical prescription cream that has been shown to positively effect the immune system in the treatment of genital warts. Imiquimod genital warts treatement is marketed by several pharmeceutical companies under other names. Genital warts are caused by HPV. The virus often does not have any symptoms, but when it does, they can show themselves in the form of genital warts.

When you have an outbreak of genital warts, they can easily be spread to sexual partners. That is why it is so important to see a doctor and ask for Imiquimod genital wart treatment. Imiquimod is a topically applied cream. When it is applied and penetrates the skin, it works from inside the body to activate the immune system. The body’s immune cells are triggered by the Imiquimod to travel to the location of the cells that are infected with HPV. When they immune cells arrive at the infected area, they begin to relieve current outbreaks of the genital warts. They also protect you from the virus and future genital wart outbreaks. Imiquimod does not cure genital warts but it can effectively clear them up in as little as four weeks.

Imiquimod genital warts treatment is marketed by iNova Pharmaceuticals as Aldara Cream and by Mochida as Beselna. Beselna is not sold in the USA. Other prescription topical formulas for the treatment of genital warts are Flourouracil and Podofilox Topical Solutions. There are genital wart creams available that are natural and non-prescription that can also help to kill the HPV virus. One of these is Samaxol from Waldon Research. Imiquimod genital warts treatment can be applied at home, avoiding the embarrassment of having it applied at the doctor’s office. Imiquimod seldom causes pain and does not cause skin damage. An application of Imiquimod can sometimes be followed by some redness, but very few users have reported side effects when using Imiquimod genital warts treatment.

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