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Male Genital Warts

Knowing More About Male Genital Warts- Use Of Laser Therapy, Electrocautery, Cyrotherapy And Homeopathic Ways.

For the same reason that women get warts, so do males. This type of warts is caused by the HPV or the Human Papillomavirus. In fact, the male genital warts can be seen in the penis, urethra, and rectal area of the person. Most often, it first appears as raised and soft skin. It may even appear like cluster of pimple gathered in the area although these are very itchy. It may be difficult to actually detect the symptoms because it is at times covered with pubic hairs. But with a thorough look when you take a bath, it would help the person also find the suitable treatment for his or her condition. The male genital warts are transmitted through direct physical contact during the sexual activity. The virus is not found through bodily fluids. As for its treatments, it includes cyrotherapy. This is the method where the genital warts are removed through the use of liquid nitrogen.

Then the other one is through trichloracetic acid or the TCA. This is one of the most popular methods because the doctor will advise to use of topical compound so that the genital warts will be treated. Aside from this, the male genital warts can be healed through Electocautery. This is the procedure where the genital warts are burned off using the electric current that balances the skin of the person. Lastly, there is a treatment that is quite expensive as it uses special light to remove the genital warts. This therapy is known as the laser therapy that is done the physician's offices though not majority are opting for this procedure because of its price. Since there are varieties of the treatment, its goal is to stop the virus from spreading and ease the person fro the discomfort.

It also depends to the circumstances of the individual. For those who wanted simple solution and are embarrassed to go to their doctor, there are over the count treatments for male genital warts. It has proven effective over the years for those who have suffered with genital warts but one should be aware as there are produces that contain salicylic acid which may only cause irritation to the genital area. Do some random check about the product. Aside from the topical treatment that can be applied in the comfort of your home, there are also homeopathic remedies that are advised for those with male genital warts. But regardless of the case, it is always wise enough to be sure of your situation so that get the right help.

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