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Test For Genital Warts

Testing for genital warts is usually done by a medical professional who can usually detect and diagnose genital warts symptoms through examining affected areas visually. In addition to this test, there are other more in-depth test which are also performed.
For females, it is very common for the doctor to test for HPV infection of the cervix through a standard cervical exam.
The cervical examination basically consists of a process where cell samples are taken from the uterine cervix through the use of a pap smear test process.
The areas normally observed by medical professionals are the areas around the pelvis and thighs.
The way one can tell genital warts symptoms over other types of warts is where the bumps, which can either be large or smaller, can combine together forming a “cauliflower” impression on the naked eye.
In addition, some cases even had genital warts symptoms in the mouth and throat so it is important to have these areas tested for genital warts symptoms as well if your medical professional deems this necessary.
Genital warts symptoms usually show a lightness in color, sometimes lighter that the individual showing genital warts symptoms’ own skin.
Some cases have reported itching and bleeding, but this is quite rare.
Also, genital warts symptoms begin as smaller flesh colored growths and sometimes can appear larger as well.
If you find these types of bumps or growths suddenly, it is very important to contact your medical professional and report possible genital warts symptoms so they can perform an HPV test and find out if it is connected to the HPV virus.
It is of extreme importance to keep any genital warts symptoms in check as they may lead to more serious conditions if left untreated.
For more information on genital warts symptoms please speak with your physician as well as do your own research through visiting the featured sponsors we provide throughout our website to help guide you through your genital warts symptoms research process.

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