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What Are The Symptoms Of Genital Warts

Knowing What Are The Symptoms Of Genital Warts For Healthy Years In Love And Life.

There are different ways to determine and be sure of signs of genital warts. If you think you might have warts, below are details in answer to the question of what are the symptoms of genital warts. The genital warts may occur usually in clusters either small or large that spread on the affected areas. For the people who have had sex with someone with HPV, there is two-third chance that they also have the virus. However, it takes natural between three to four months that the signs will be visible. The doctor is the right person to know exactly if you have the virus or not. If you have the feeling though that you have it, let us know below what are the symptoms of genital warts. First, check out pictures from the internet and see the cases about this certain ailment.

There are some signs that confuse people but are not actually warts such as the pimple, penile papules or the tiny rings that go around the rim of the penis head or the angiokeratomas. It is said that the symptoms of genitals warts can be seen in men quite easier compared to women. This is because it is most often seen on the shaft of the penis or on the tip. The other symptoms then are harder to spot. But, what are the symptoms of genital warts for women? This is still the same group of clusters that are formed either outside the vagina such as in vulva, on the opening of the cervix and others. There are also rare cases of genital warts that appear in the throat or in the mouth for someone who performed oral sex with an infected person.

The clusters are vital particles of warts. The warts are itchy and scratching it will only spread the virus thus worsen the condition. There are different solutions that are introduced to the public who have genital warts. One of the easiest procedures is by applying topical creams that are available easily. Since the warts can continually itch, it is best to find natural treatments so that the virus will not come again. The doctor may perform acid test where they are putting small amount of liquid to the affected skin and when the area turns white, then it may be directed for genital warts. Now that you know what are the symptoms of genital warts, there is possibility to get out of the problem.

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